Fabulous summer wedding photography at St Anne's Manor, Bracknell

It was a fabulous, warm, midsummer’s day for this amazing wedding at Hilton St Anne’s Manor Hotel

Lisa and Dan were married at St Michael and St Mary Magdalene's Church, Easthampstead and held their reception at St Anne’s Manor, Bracknell.

Here is a selection of wedding photography from Lisa and Dan’s amazing wedding day.

A wonderful wedding Hilton St Anne's Manor Hotel, Bracknell.

It was such a wonderful amazing day. Lisa had wanted some bridal preparations photographs so I arrived at St Anne’s Manor earlier in the day. I love the bridal preparations - a fabulous mix of excitement and anticipation, make-up, hair spray, dresses, friends and close family. And then off to the Church to meet the groom and capture guests arriving.

Lisa soon arrived at church. She looked absolutely stunning in her beautiful wedding dress that fitted like a dream. She was accompanied by her bridesmaids and her brother brought her down the aisle to meet her groom. Lisa managed to remain cool and with a natural beauty shining from her all day, despite the temperatures rising to well over 30 degrees C.

After the church ceremony, and a very welcome glass of water provided by the church, we captured photographs as guests came out from the church into the bright sunshine, before the bride and groom followed, greeted by a fabulous shower of confetti, cheers and well-wishes from all their guests.

Then off in the cars to St Anne’s Manor for the reception.

The photograph of Dan and Lisa inside their wedding car is one of my favourites - in black and white, you can just see the love and delight shared by this amazing wedding couple.

The reception at St Anne’s Manor Hotel was perfect. There was plenty of shade in the grounds from an ancient old Cedar tree, which meant guests were able to sit comfortably outside, despite the heat. We had time for a few quick fun family group photographs in the grounds, and candid shots of the guests laughing and chatting and enjoying themselves. As the day grew even warmer, and the temperature rose to above 33 degrees centigrade, luckily it was time to go in to the refreshingly cool air-conditioned reception and events area for a delicious Wedding Breakfast and speeches.

Evening guests arrived for a buffet and Cake cutting, followed by the bride and groom’s first dance and family dancing continued in to the evening making for a brilliant, and fun party atmosphere.

Thank you for having me there to capture your special wedding day.

All words and photographs by Josephine Gray.

©Josephine Gray Photography 2019

Copyright Josephine Gray.

Beautiful Summer wedding on a glorious summer's day

Beautiful bride and groom here - they have stuck together through thick and thin and their love and respect and happiness just shone out for all to share.

What an honour and a pleasure to be part of their special wedding day.


Happy Father's Day for all those proud dads!

Happy Father's Day

for all those proud dads!

Just before the Wedding ceremony begins, a bride can often find that she spends a few quiet moments alone with her dad.  

Everyone else has gone ahead and the bride and her dad wait for their turn to start down the aisle towards the groom and married life.

Hair and make-up perfect, the carefully chosen wedding dress rustling softly, the veil attached and holding firm, so far, and butterflies flitting around like jumping beans inside your tummy.  And there beside you, reliably polished and smart, re-assuringly calm and steady, and immensely proud, is your dad offering you his arm to step out with you down the aisle towards this new adventure.



Happy Anniversary!

Happy Wedding Anniversary!

This lovely bride and groom married at Hertford Castle, Hertford, surrounded by all of their closest friends and family, 

Wishing the happy couple all the best of everything for today and every day.

Thank you for having us capture your special day.

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